Heron House Productions offers handmade cards and photographic prints featuring manipulated images and alternative printing methods.  that’s our specialty, but there’s so much more!

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card sets allow you to choose not only the photograph for the front of the card but the inscription on the inside.  every design therefore reflects your personality through a singular combination of image and text that makes your purchase completely unique.  each card features individually matted and mounted handwork representing a dimension of quality and appreciation for detail rarely seen in today’s marketplace.



all photographic images are also available as poster prints,  canvas gyclees, translucent acrylic prints, infused-metalwork or as wall-peels.  brighten your living room, personalize your office, or create a new ambience in the bedroom – whether used as  a decorative accessory or the  focal point of a room, heron house products provide you with a unique visual statement reflecting your personal taste.  you select the content, the size and the medium.  each order is hand-signed by the artist prior to shipping.

but we at Heron House Productions have a knack for shaking things up.  changing gears and trading media and message keep things lively.  you may come to heron house with the desire to purchase a line of inspirational cards and leave with a funky office desk, or maybe you’re in the market for new framed artwork for the living room and find a personalized walking stick along the way.  the work is eclectic, fun, and always packed with surprises.

  • Ohana Walking Sticks – embellished saguaro ribs become functional pieces of art
  • LowBar Greeting Cards – an irreverent line of written conversation,
  • the Changing of the Gourd – offering one-of-a-kind natural containers,
  • the JunkTrunk – featuring funky but elegant repurposed and renovated furniture, and
  • BrandThis! – creating graphic design packages for businesses

all of these product lines are under development.  check back often to watch our progress.

this website serves as a timely update of work that is completed and ready for sale.  however, we often receive requests for custom work and welcome the challenge, and delight, this represents.  contact us and begin the conversation!

we hope you have enjoyed your tour and that you found something, or many things, that speak to your taste and your heart.