Heron House Productions is about a variety of creative expression.  it is a celebration of the natural world as we explore it.  and it all begins with our unique imagery.

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our photographs reflect stolen moments along the way.  daily life provides an abundance of incredible subject matter.  we also indulge our curiosity through regular, extended road trips.  spontaneity and serendipity often serve as our tour guides.



travel inspires endless conversation (sometimes with each other, more often with ourselves), some new answers and always, always more questions.  these are the images we have collected along the way.

some subject matters stand most compellingly on their own, and we present these images with respect for realistic reflection.  other images beg an artist’s interpretation, where the original photograph is manipulated to achieve punctuation or restatement. 

regardless of the subject, style or material, the cornerstones of Heron House Productions are quality, discrimination and attention to detail



we offer most of our images printed on a variety of media.  we specialize in high contrast metal and acrylic prints.  for larger graphic statements, many of our images can be ordered as vinyl wall wraps.  another hallmark of HHP is our exploration of single images broken into diptychs, triptychs and other multiple-plane presentations.

at the end of the day, each image must speak for itself.  so please take a few moments to peruse the gallery and see what stories the pictures share with you.  enjoy the ride!